Courage Required – Success requires moving forward, facing fear

Courage is required to overcome obstacles. Otherwise, fear will keep you from achieving the success you deserve. Me? I almost quit. I started an education publishing company in 1994, to create Internet-related materials for educators. I literally started on my dining room table. Trouble was, the Internet was so new it was [...]

Your Stone Age Resume Needs a Backdrop

Job-hunting resume? Raising money? I'm surprised how many young-er as well as old-er job seekers don't realize that the standard resume is dead; that your online footprints, and breadcrumbs are super important. (Do employers agree?)  Regardless of your neatly-formatted formal resume, you are dead to a possible employer or [...]

Do customers want “A” solution or “YOUR” solution? (You might be surprised)

Does the marketplace want YOUR solution? When you validate your idea or product, you can accidentally fool yourself. It is critical to take the time and effort to carefully validate your product market fit. You need to confirm that customers want your particular solution. Not just “a” solution. You [...]

Perfect is the Enemy of Good – Ep #008 (45 s video)

Don't wait until your product is perfect.  Done is better than perfect. Perfect is the enemy of good. When your product is  'pretty good' put it out there and start selling. Then ask for feedback. Iterate and improve. Waiting until it's perfect will delay you, and could hurt your chance [...]

360 CreativeHub – New Fashion Co-working Space in Nigeria

[caption id="attachment_1512" align="alignleft" width="239"][/caption] An amazing new co-working space for fashion designers has been launched in Suru Lere, Lagos, Nigeria. Ms. Blessing Achu is the CEO and founder of 360 Creative Hub.  She describes it in an easy-to-understand way: 360 Creative Hub is a c0-working startup studio for [...]