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“Girls in Bikinis !” Why Attention doesn’t = Sales

You’ve all  seen what I call “Girls in Bikinis” type of advertising. And, yes, despite some people complaining, such imagery does catch the potential buyer’s attention.

However, I notice millions or perhaps billions wasted on this tactic, that is, the tactic that ‘grabbing attention’ is all that matters. And, that’s simply not true. Conversion is what matters, to convert that initial attention into sales. But just look at the ads you see this next week, and you will see, that advertisers are still taking the cheap shot and grabbing your attention.

Notice I said “potential” buyers.  I’ll even allow as how the ad was put in front of a person who actually was in the market for the product. But what usually happens is that the few seconds of time that the person will spend on looking at the ad, is wasted. The reason? The ad was designed to only grab attention, not convert to sales.

It’s a proven fact that the attention span of buyers is getting shorter by the year. In 2016, I believe studies show that an advertiser has only 3 seconds to grab the reader’s attention in a way that keeps the reader’s attention long enough to the point of taking action.

Taking action is many times measured in clicks, clicking on a call to action of some sort. And of course, the end result is to generate a sale, or a like for the product or a share of the product info, as the case may be. The final goal is to make sales or build product awareness, after all.

But the “Girls in Bikinis” approach more often than not, is just an attention-grabbing tactic. See for yourself.

This next week, take a critical look at ads which seem designed to simply grab your attention. But lack the ability to convince you to take action.

How many such ads really invoked a strong feeling of liking the brand, and considering to buy it. Leave comments below or tweet at me, @StrategyAcad.

Your ads do need to grab someone’s attention – you have  only 3 seconds to stop readers in their tracks. But THEN you have to have some sort of Call to Action (CTA) to make your ads worth the money you paid.


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