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Learn Google Analytics the Easy Way. (Free video course)

Learn Google Analytics the Easy Way. This 6-unit Video Course is Free.

This easy-to-understand 6-unit video course will walk you through learning what Google Analytics is, and, how to use it.

This course is FREE, but compares to many courses costing hundreds of dollars.

There is enormous power in analyzing traffic to your website, and how your website is performing.

It will be very valuable for you to learn how to use this free tool.

Understand your users on a whole new level.

Google Analytics is described in this way:

More than ever before, customers have seemingly endless ways of interacting with your brand. And while all these devices and channels might be increasing your brand’s awareness, they’re also making it difficult to get an accurate view of your customer’s journey.

Google Analytics makes it easy to keep track of your customer’s journey by connecting customer behavior, channel performance, and much more across your sites and apps in robust reports and dashboards Google Analytics is built for action. It works with AdWords, AdSense, AdMob, DoubleClick advertiser and publisher products (Analytics 360 only), and other Google products.

This allows you to create remarketing lists using your Analytics data and see them automatically available in DoubleClick Bid Manager and AdWords.

You can also view and analyze your Analytics advertising data (even view-thrus) to understand how customers behave on your sites and apps after they click — making it easy to use your customer insights to drive marketing performance.


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