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360 CreativeHub – New Fashion Co-working Space in Nigeria

An amazing new co-working space for fashion designers has been launched in Suru Lere, Lagos, Nigeria.

Ms. Blessing Achu is the CEO and founder of 360 Creative Hub.  She describes it in an easy-to-understand way: 360 Creative Hub is a c0-working startup studio for fashion designers.

Blessing has designed this very attractive co-working space to include:

– Co-working Space – Conference Room – Sewing machines, tools and equipment – High-speed Internet – 24/7 access

I was happy to meet Blessing in-person at the Pirate Summit, in Cologne, Germany. (Photo below)  As soon as you meet her, it’s not difficult to get infected it’s easy to understand why people from all over like to work with her!

This space gives fashion designers an amazing advantage at a very affordable cost. No long-term contracts are required, and all the equipment and tools are included for as low as $99.00 per month. Blessing shares her business knowledge by providing co-working events, workshops and training — all are available to help designers to learn how to start and grow a business. Advice on advertising and PR is also offered.

Blessing has a very good sense of fashion and has friends who are fashion designers. She started this with personal funds, leaving a highly-successful career in telecom. Now local fashion designers, to-date women, can start producing clothes for sale without a large investment.

Fashion entrepreneurs have access to their own private space with the required equipment, but also benefit from meeting and working with other like-minded people.

Blessing’s future plans are to have an online ecommerce store for designers to sell their clothes.

A quote by Blessing:

360Creative Hub is a creative and collaborative co-working space dedicated to the fashion industry. Our collective space provides a platform for brands and fashion-focused individuals to come together to work, collaborate, converse, and ultimately, achieve their dreams. We believe in coming together and building a dynamic, fashion-focused community where work and play, is the motto of the day. When creating 360Creative Hub, our passion was to provide more than just a workspace, we wanted to foster a truly unique collective community where fashion entrepreneurs can grow healthy and wiser. We will be hosting programs and classes featuring the industry’s most experienced speakers, educators, and experts. Catering to the left and right side of the brain, to help strike the balance between creativity and business – Blessing Achu


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