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Don’t Do a Startup – (until you’ve climbed a volcano)

Don’t Do a Startup

(until you’ve climbed a volcano, visited Rome or rode a camel in Egypt.)

I hesitate to post this because it’s quite contrary to my usual tone. That is, “always be hustling”; 20 x 7 x 361, go-go-go. Yes, I love it and yes I still believe in it.

And I still believe that in your 20’s you can take all sorts of risky chances and work 20 hours a day and push-push and make a success. And if your startup fails, well you’re still young and you can start all over.

But then again, what’s the rush to do that rush-push-go at age 20-ish? I’m starting to think there’s value in taking off one month or one year and doing something out of the ordinary, do something that gives you an out-of-your-home-country experience.

Visit Western Canada, or visit Rome or Thailand; travel across Europe. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Or, go to Central America and climb a volcano.

Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala. I climbed this with my children and it erupted. True story here. Note: email address at end of story no longer valid.

Yes. I said it — don’t work for a little bit, experience life!

You’re smart and will always have an idea to work on and always have an idea for start up. In fact traveling is where you may pick up some great ideas, meet new people and think of new things.

I can tell you that from experience — I’ve been to nine countries in the last eleven months and I’m bursting with more energy and new ideas than ever before.

So go ahead and start your startup, work 20 hours a day and push-go-hustle.

After you climb a volcano.

(c) 2016 Gregory Giagnocavo and Photo of erupting volcano from, although I have many non-digital ones I took.


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