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Sales can cure almost all Problems

Most company problems can be solved with more sales. Paying customers bring in cash and, prove your “market fit”. 

As you onboard customers you should contact them to quickly get valuable product feedback. Use that feedback to get to know customers, and, to improve your offerings. You’ll quickly find out how they found out about your company, what benefits they expect, how they rate the website, signup and onboard process. And, if they know about all your product offerings and plans.

And the feedback you get will help you improve your customer service efforts.

So get sales figured out asap. That’s why you started the business, right?

Don’t get seduced by cool social media marketing … that alone won’t save you. Be critical.

If a marketing effort doesn’t produce sales, change your tactics. Yet, have realistic expectations – not every effort pays off in 72 hours.

Your top two priorities have to be #1. Sales, and #2. Sales.


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