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StartupBus UK 2016 – Direct behind-the-scenes info

I’m fortunate to participate in StartupBus UK 2016 – currently we are in Belgium.

Each of four busses – from four different countries – carries 30 hackers/developers, who have 72 hours to come up with an idea, form a team and get ready to demo a real product to a panel of judges & investors.

Our bus left London, UK early morning Sept 2, 2016, and will arrive in Cologne, Germany. Semi-finals are held Sept 5th and the finalists go on to present to the Pirate Summit Sept 6, 2016.

The following information isn’t public yet – so here is the first behind-the-scenes look at what the hacker teams have been developing the last 65 hours.

Tipple Tipple’s tag line is “It’s always Happy Hour somewhere” Tipple’s app helps you to easily find Happy Hours in the area of the city you want to party in. The app also presents exclusive special offers and discounts. Right now, tipple works in London, but plans to expand to other cities in the near future.

Nightly Wallet Set your spending budget amount for the night, and track your credit or debit card transactions in near time, all through the night. The colorful graphical interface is easy to view and use. Exclusive offers make this app a must-have app.

Trustful Security is a #1 concern and priority for voting systems. The security engineers at Trustful have designed their secure voting system based on the same block chain technology used by super-secure bitcoin. Trustful can be used in any situation where secure documents are required, and, for e-voting for public companies, governments, trade unions, etc.

Sqill Sqill is a skills learning and sharing site and app. A Personalized Social Experience to learn one-on-one, free.

VersaTrails Fall in love with cycling. The VersaTrails app helps you plan routes optimized for biking.

Exist “Put your phone down”.  Exist wants you to reconnect with friends and people around you on a human level.  The Exist app rewards you with financial incentives the longer you don’t use your phone. Redeem the points you accumulate inside the Exist Store.


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