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Your Prospects Love Radio Station WII.FM – Get on Their channel

Which is the One Radio Station is Everyone Listening to?

(Including your potential customers/users)

This is a photo of the $100 bill I offered as an instant prize to any participant on the StartupBusUK who could tell me the answer to that radio station question. (Hint, I still have the $100 bill!)

I spoke for a few minutes on the StartupBus Europe StartupBus UK 2016 about the importance of understanding what radio station your customers/potential customers are you listening to all the time.

It is everyone’s favorite station, worldwide, rich or poor, young or old.

It’s an important station!

You know how the Secret Service agents, those who guard the President or other important dignataries, have little earphones discreetly in their ear? They are listening to a special channel that you and I do not hear.

Your potential customers are also listening to a channel that you and I might not hear.

That radio channel is called WII.FM That stands for “What’s In It For Me”. It’s everyone favorite channel because everyone make decisions to buy or spend time or money based on “what’s in it for ” (them).

Understanding this is really the key to designing, pricing, describing, marketing and selling _every_ product or service.

WII.FM Keep that in mind 100% of the time. Because 100% of the time, while you are talking, your prospects are listening to that station and thinking “What’s in it for me?”

Whatever you are saying, posting, tweeting or advertising in any way, prospects and customers are constantly listening to see what’s in it for me. It’s natural that customers only buy what they think will benefit them. But as vendors we don’t alway keep that fact top of mind. So our marketing and sales efforts fall flat, and we underperform.

Take a look around you and see how many marketing messages are about the “seller” and not about the “buyer”. The buyer isn’t interested in how the purchase benefits you, but how your product or service will solve a problem they have, or provide a service the want or like.

Are you getting attention? Do you have the right things to say to your prospects and customers?

You can do it. You can be super successful in appealing to prospects. But remember ‘think like a customer’. Get your message on channel WII.FM.


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